Rachel Grossman 

As we shape products, those products shape us. That’s why I design society-first — with both purpose and integrity.


Hello! I’m an interdisciplinary designer/researcher currently working in the healthcare space. All of my work, from my international anti-corruption roots through to service design, has focused, in some way, on the reciprocal relationship between people and the world we inhabit. As a systems thinker, I head straight toward the most complex problems I can find, digging into their philosophical, historical, and political underpinnings. I focus on finding patterns across time and space, I look to the past to understand our current problems and dig through the archive of ideas that have come before for new ways of approaching the present. 

The systems we have created are all, in their nature, mechanical in some sense. People operate based on systems structured by their personal and societal experiences, and those structures inform our behavior and create mechanisms that define our form of governance and our economy. Our culture and our political structures, policies, and economic systems shape our companies. Design sits within this frame, so we must therefore contend with it. Designers and technologists are shaping products and services that shape society more quickly than ever before. We are shaping products, and those products then shape us — products have the power to change our perception of ourselves, each other, society, and our place in it all. That is why I design society-first, with purpose and integrity.

This humble little site is an opportunity for me to share some of my design and strategy-related thoughts, a bit of my literary and musical inspiration, and tell you a bit more about my professional background

Please don’t hesitate to say hello if you feel a connection. I’d be eager to chat and learn about you!