Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan 
2020 - Present

I am currently helping to establish a new design team at one of the largest health insurance companies in the United States. We are showing the power of design to reimagine products and services that ensure simple and transparent insurance experiences for people. The new team is focused on creating the conditions for new ways of working internally, leveraging departmental expertise to create clear paths to good experiences; we are focused on connecting disparate departments and systems to take a legacy organization into the future. 

Booz Allen Hamilton
2019 - 2020

I worked across a range of short- and mid-term projects while at BAH — from a short techinical challenge for USCIS balancing technical feasibility and user experience to create a working prototype utilizing multi-factor authentication, to developing a dashboard pattern library to support a full redesign of how the Department of Defense transfers veterans’ medical data across organizations during crises. While acting as user experience designer, I also worked as a service designer to help the NIH's Children's Inn to reimagine their Annual Gala. On a team of five, we facilitated workshops with board members to uncover the source and points of attendees’ emotional engagement. We indicated a range of changes to build sentiments of loyalty and commitment to the Inn over time, with an overall objective to create stronger ties to the mission of the Inn and to the children it serves. 

Publicis Sapient
2017 - 2019

While at Publicis Sapient, I led the user experience piece of a full reimagining of the International Monetary Fund's extranet, resulting in a move from simply adding additional microsites to creating an interactive tool for Annual and Spring Meeting participants; this tool not only improved document retrieval to support preparedness for the meetings, but created avenues for participants to to connect to each other and the community in which the meeting took place. Simultaneously, I led the user experience aspect of a complete digital transformation for the Biotechnology Innovation Organization. Results included increased BIO website page views by 263 percent and decreased bounce rate by 21 percent. Having facilitated workshops on atomic design with stakeholders from across departments, I empowered clients to create 500+ clear, clean, usable pages using a Drupal component-based page builder. I also completed both the UX and UI for a kiosk app to facilitate collaboration at the annual BIO trade show. The kiosk was an Acquia Engage Finalist for the "Leader of the Pack" category. BIO has been able to manage their web presence excellently through COVID, and I consider that one of the deepest successes — highlighting the creation of a system that is usable on the back end as beautiful as it is on the front end and easily organized, maintained, and governed over time.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce // Affiliate
2011 - 2016

Wrote USAID, DFID, and DRL proposals and small- and medium-sized business development and anti-corruption initiative in Russia and Ukraine, informed by strategy sessions with local partners, including parliamentarians and other government officials. Once funded, I tracked department spending of budgets valued at $5 million. I also wrote over 20 policy papers, articles, and marketing pieces on economic reform and business development across Eurasia and South Asia, managed the redesign of the now defunct Russian language website and pioneered the launch of an organization library.

U.S. Gov’t // Peace Corps 
2007 - 2009

I left America to join the Peace Corps after graduating from the University of Michigan in 2007. After three months of intensive Russian language training, I settled in small village in eastern Ukraine 40 kilometers from the Russian boarder. There I spent two years teaching English. About a year in, I obtained a  U.S. Small Assistance Grant to open a learning resource center. But I didn’t stop there. I reached out to a friend teaching in Jamaica, to connect our students across the world. Together we designed an English language pen pal program. Watching these children become inspired to know others from a whole new part of the world, while improving their English, was one of my greatest achievements. But mostly Ukraine taught, guided, and shaped me. Not the other way around. I am still and forever  grateful for the time I spent in Ukraine for opening my eyes to the safety and joy to be found in community and for  showing me the power of humility to create connections. It’s through community-building that we can rock the status quo; we’re better together.